Piotr Monwid-Olechnowicz

Open Source

I maintain Theme UI, and I tend to help out with problems I encounter. My PRs were recently merged to LastContributions.


Edge & Node

  • Software Engineer
    • May 2022 - Present

Product Team. Working on Graph Explorer, Subgraph Studio, and the component library.


  • Open Source Engineer
    • October 2021 - May 2022

Maintaining TypeChain, eth-sdk and Earl to help dApp developers get into the Pit of Success. Built Ethereum Code Viewer to view multi-file contracts in VSCode in your browser.


  • Software Engineer
    • August 2020 — October 2021

Building a suite of apps for social media managers and influencers. Maintaining internal tooling, including codegen plugins, shared libraries and release automation. Decreased database costs by 8 times by changing O(n) db query into O(1) read from custom queue.

Main tools: TypeScript, GraphQL, React.


  • Senior Software Engineer
    • August 2019 — August 2020
  • React Developer
    • December 2018 — August 2019

I built libraries, web apps (mostly for real estate marketing), and organized a company tech meetup. Main tools: TypeScript, React and Markdown.

Explain Everything

  • JavaScript Developer
    • July 2017 — October 2018

Worked on a peer-to-peer interactive whiteboard using three.js. Transformed large codebase from JQuery and decaffeinate CoffeeScript through Flow to TypeScript and React.

Brighter 3D

  • Junior Software Developer
    • June 2017

Built a proof of concept of SketchUp renderer using C#, Unity3D, and Node.js Google Cloud functions.


BSc Computer Science, University of Wrocław

I learned to google really hard and read research papers. Hit me up about logic, discrete maths, Haskell, Prolog, C or x86-64 assembly.